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The bittersweet saga of a Libertarian venture capitalist's attempts to sabotage his Republican ex-wife's Congressional campaign.




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James Warner


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“I finish the novel with a sense of delight that I got to witness the mental transformation of a man preparing to become a father.” -- HTMLGiant

“Anyone who has been caught in the crash of the bubble, who has ever been forced to read Lacan, or who can simply laugh at one's own failings, will be cheering Cal on through his gun-waving adventure.” -- The Critical Flame: A Journal of Literature & Culture.

“...a fun thrill ride that is quick to develop and sure to satisfy a hungry mind. What's more, as the story progresses, an electric feeling of hope builds up, sparked by the idea that people with different backgrounds and conflicting philosophies are able to truly understand one another.” -- PANK Magazine

“...a poignant, serious study that never forsakes humor.” --Ampersand Review

“Even though every single character in this book commits at least one act that should make me hate them, I ended up falling for all of them and wishing them happiness in the crazy world they made for themselves.” -- Reading is my Superpower

“...a cleverly-orchestrated story of bone-dry wit. The author skewers everyone from the Berkeley Left to the Gun Toting Right” -- Harlots' Sauce, The First Non-Partisan Magazine on the Net.

“... a satire par excellence that combines the zaniness of a Terry Southern novel with the critical astuteness of White Noise-era Don DeLillo” -- Marc Schuster's Small Press Reviews

“Warner's novel is a rollercoaster of action. His characters are constantly in movement, and for this, the story is a joy to read.” -- WORD/SOUND

“If you are interested in stories that have a political underpinning, and are open-minded enough that you don't need the writer to re-enforce any existing leanings, then I'm sure you are going to love this book.” -- Novel Suggestions

“This is a quirky, entertaining novel that ends all too soon.” -- City Book Review

“Warner has a gift for communicating the dysfunction of the crumbling American empire...” -- Crow Reviews

“... what I loved best was how this book showed that everyone, regardless of their education, political leaning, job, or age can be absolutely, positively, bat-shit crazy.” -- Nylon Admiral

“Do you know what this book reminds me of? Adam Sandler in the movie Click. Funny but serious. Laugh-out-loud ... but scary.” -- Guiltless Reading

“... this fast-paced book hits you again and again with clever wit and unpredictable twists and turns.” -- Without a Book

“James Warner is funny like Carl Hiassen and on-message like Jonathan Franzen.” -- Necessary Fiction

“Regardless of your own political stance, you'll find that All Her Father's Guns is smart and surprisingly touching.” -- Banango Lit

“I would liken this book to Palahniuk's writing if he started writing about politics.” -- A Bookish Affair

“... a very well written and highly entertaining novel. Warner has created a quirky story that comments on the political and moral landscape of modern America.” -- Trees and Ink

“Warner's influences seem to range from Haruki Murakami to Thomas Pynchon... an entertaining read.” --

“James Warner is definitely an author to watch.” -- Booklover Book Reviews

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